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Advantages of having a license

Be a true professional

Having a license means that your knowledge about your work and skills have met the high standards set by the professional board. Anyone can say that they are professional but proving it is another story. By passing the licensure exam, you can proudly say that you are true professional.

Legally practice your career

The law mandates that if your work includes any of the psychological services then you need to be a licensed professional. We know that you love your job that is why having a license is a future investment for your career development. Be at the front of the competition and not behind bars.

Increase clients’ confidence

Just like a patient who entrusts their medical concerns to a licensed doctor, they also want to be assured that the psychologist and psychometrician who take care of their psychological needs are accountable. When your clients are confident about your skill, your value as a professional increases. Your license is a testament that you are competent in what you do.

Increase your opportunities

As a licensed professional, you have an edge over the other graduates and employees because you have proven your capabilities. Your opportunities will also increase and you are entitled to a higher position and salary grade. You may also be invited to do consultancy, academic teaching, research, and professional private practice. Passing the board exam is something that will set your credentials apart from ordinary.

Contribute in the growth of psychology

Professionalizing psychology sends a strong signal that what you do is not just a layman’s work. The development of psychology as a professional field in the Philippines will only be possible if you became part of this growing segment. In turn, your work will also be appreciated by the other professional fields, increasing healthy collaborations among helping professions.

6 Responses so far.

  1. willie says:

    are you offering
    practice test
    pre-board examination test
    and many questionnaire to answer?

  2. Catherine R. Baluyot says:

    How many students had their review for Psychometrician Board Exam? How many among them passed? Are there any who belong in top 10?

    • Sir Jason says:

      We have 58% passing rate which is higher than the national passing rate. We are the only review center who has the most number of topnotchers, 7 topnotchers came from our batch.

  3. Angela says:

    Hello. Do you accept 2013 graduates in your review program? Thank you.

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