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RealSuccess™ Methodology   arrow

The RealSuccess™ Methodology is the latest and innovative approach in conducting review programs for professionals. Offered exclusively by SPARK Review Center, it is the result of half a decade research and experience of top review coordinators and coaches. It enhances the review lectures with YourSuccess™ student coaching, test taking seminars, facilitated group study and discussions, online review via AccessSuccess™, and Examplify™ Board Simulations. It uses the Self-Determination Theory as its framework in enhancing autonomy, competence, and use of relatedness in learning. With these, RealSuccess™ Methodology engages the students to review and learn more without the boring and monotonous study flow of traditional lecture-exam programs.

YourSuccess™ Student Coaching

For over the years, there is one major problem that final coaching programs have failed to address – Lack of intrinsic motivation. With YourSuccess™ Student Coaching, the whole review is a total package coaching program designed to motivate students to study and learn more.

We don’t believe that final coaching is enough. What we know is that coaching should be continuous, which starts before the lecture, in-between lectures, and even outside the review premises. Students need to stay in focus, increase their understanding about the importance of the review, and have their confidence to answer board exam questions. We do this by giving individualized coaching, interactive seminars and workshops, facilitated group study, and fun activities that will ensure learning at every step of the way. With YourSuccess™ Student Coaching, every review day is a final coaching day.

Examplify™ Board Simulations

Get the most out of your examinations with Examplify™ Board Simulations. It improves the traditional mock board examination by incorporating real world scenarios typically encountered during licensure exams. In addition to simulations, Examplify™ also provides detailed individual feedback to all students so they can focus on hard-to-answer topics and questions. Best of all, no question is left behind because every item and choices are explained by top caliber professors.

  • Almost 5000+ Questions
  • Scantron and board exam answer sheet used in all exams. We never use photocopied/improvised answer sheets.
  • Re-enactment of PRC licensure exam procedures
  • Detailed grades, item-by-item statistics, and individualized topic suggestions for each students
  • Rationalization of questions by top caliber professors of leading universities

AccessSuccess™ Online Review

Reaching out to students does not end after lectures. Oftentimes, students crave for more content and interactions. But most of the review programs are constrained by limited review hours and cost cutting measures. With AccessSuccess™, we provide continuous support for learning to students who want to get more content for less the cost. Utilizing the latest online management software, AccessSuccess™ allows students to view past video recordings of the actual lectures, practice more questions with real-time answers and feedback, and discuss with their co-reviewees in the forums. All of these can be accessed anytime and anywhere, ensuring that when a student is in the mood to study he/she can get going. Now learning is in the hands of the students who can AccessSuccess™!

The Learning Environment

The RealSuccess™ Methodology taps the best learning resources for the students. This includes conducive lecture rooms, ample seat spacing with tables, state-of-the-art audiovisual equipments, and accessible review venues which entice students to attend classes. The online review is hosted in an industry strength ArdentHost web servers to allow unlimited access by students anytime. Also, the Examplify™ Board Simulations uses Scantron machines and exam analysis software to give the most detailed assessments to each students. We believe that real success can be achieved when the best learning environment is provided to the topnotch professional.